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Light Commercial vehicles and vans are the backbone of the UK economy and on your average commute you would see dozens of these vehicles criss crossing towns, counties and  the country to carry out a whole range of services from Trades, Gardners, utilities, Deliveries and the tip run. 


The great thing about light commercial vehicles is that they are extremely versatile and can be kitted out or converted to fit every business type. We at BN Financial Solutions understand that no two businesses are the same and each business would have their own individual requirements and preferences for their vehicle.  Therefore we want to work with you to get the right vehicle for you and your business and work with a vast range of supplying dealers and suppliers who can supply the components to make the vehicle to your specification. 


We will spend a lot of time when you enquire to establish your needs and requirements and will work closely with you throughout the vehicle order to establish and confirm the exact specification however the main types of van/ light commercial vehicles are below:-

Drop Side

A Dropside vehicle is based on a chassis cab and has a large flat load area where the sides can be dropped down to help unload any of the materials that are being transported. They are versatile in the fact that the load can be removed by dropping the side closest to the pavement or the road depending on location and need. This type of vehicle can be used to transport loads that can be tied down or raw materials such as sand, earthworks etc along with furniture delivery. Depending on the manufacturer the drive train can be chosen to be Front or rear wheel drive or Four Wheel Drive, The Wheelbases could also be chosen along with engines and payload amounts, They are also configurable to allow one side or both sides to be able to drop down.


A Tipper vehicle is a versatile vehicle which can be added to a chassis cab from a manufacturer of your choice. These vehicles allow businesses in many different sectors operate by the way of transporting heavy machinery equipment and materials to sites and will tip to unload. As with the dropside there are a huge amount of choice of engines, drivetrains and wheelbases, We will go through the options available to you when you enquire.

Luton Vans & Tail Lifts

Luton Vans are where a box body is added to a chassis cab with a compartment above the cab to make a large square loading space which is very versatile vehicles for transporting large items, deliveries of customer orders of large objects or for removals. Tail lifts can be added to make the loading and unloading easier. Please note that the cost of the servicing of the tail lift will need to be incorporated to allow no downtime if there are any mechanical issues.

Refrigerated Van

Refrigerated vehicles are essentially normal vans from the outside and are ordered as a normal van as normal. Once the vehicle is built a chiller unit along with the conversion of the load area to insulate to allow the loading area to remain at the desired temperature. These vehicles are great for all types of businesses that are delivering during the pandemic and beyond as they can be of all shapes and sizes from small vans to large high roof vans. Please contact us with your requirements so that we can work on finding the best solution to your needs.

Trades Van

The trades industries are the main users of light commercial vehicles and each business has its own needs. The main stay of equipment that the trades require are Tool Storage Solutions, Racking, Pipe Tubes, Side Glass Holders, Roof Storage/ Racks and truckman tops/roller shutters on pick up trucks etc. We will source all of the equipment that you require and have them fitted by the supplying dealership before delivery of the vehicle. These solutions/fittings can be fitted to all makes and models of vehicle so when we discuss the vehicle of your choice we will work with you and the dealer to make sure that the vehicle is as you require. If you wish you can pay separately up front for the fixtures or they can be incorporporated within the rentals.

Please note that it is a requirement of the finance companies that all panel vans are fully ply lined and all pick up trucks and Double cabs have a load liner